September 8, 2019

3 Things To Stockpile For Apocalypse Emergency

3 Things To Stockpile For Apocalypse Emergency Preppers Prepping Unusual Items to Stockpile or Hoard Bic Lighters What's in your zombie apocalypse SHTF survival stockpile? Why prep for SHTF apocalypse? Consider adding these unusual prepping items to your stockpile, things you wouldn't ordinarily think of as prepping must have supplies. Prepping for a zombie apocalypse, SHTF, any emergency, stockpile items like water, food, and first aid supplies. Many items in our homes are useful for survival. Stock up on these unusual things for your prepping stockpile, add a few extras for bartering. Many of these unusual prepping items are inexpensive, are vital supplies in an apocalypse emergency situation, and can be stored for a long time. Prepare for worst case scenarios.



Bic Lighters
Windproof Lighters
USB flashlight
Aquatainer water storage jug
Go Time Gear Tactical Backpack
Life Bivy
Go Time Gear
Aladdin Oil Lamp
OXO can opener
Water Storage Barrel
115 Hour Emergency Candles
Work Gloves
Tomcat Snaptrap
Coleman Camping Stove
Folding Emergency Stove
Stackable Can Organizer
30 Day Emergency Food
Portable Camp Shower

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