December 9, 2018

25+ Survival, Prepping & Bushcraft Books

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Camping & Woodcraft Kephart:
Woodcraft: E.H. Kreps:
Woodcraft and Camping Nessmuk:
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties:
Bushcraft Mors Kochanski:
Bushcraft 101 Canterbury:
Advanced Bushcraft Canterbury:
The Outdoor Survival Handbook Mears:
The Bushcraft Bible:
Survive! Les Stroud:
Survival Hacks Creek Stewart:
100 Deadly Skills:
SAS Survival Handbook:
98.6 Degrees Cody Lundin:
When All Hell Breaks Loose Lundin:
The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide:
The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide:
The Prepper's Water Survival Guide:
Tools for Survival:
Prepare Your Family for Survival:
Edible and Medicinal Plants of Canada:
A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants:
Edible Wild Plants:
Tracks and Trailcraft:
Identifying Trees:

Living Survival:
Second Channel:
Instagram: #Survival #Preparedness #OutdoorGear

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